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Hello! I'm Robin O. Walls, CD


I am the founder and creator of Appointed Time Doula Services. I am a graduate of Dona International where I attained my Birth Doula Certification. 


My husband and I have 6 children - a family obtained through natural conception and delivery, C-Section delivery, by adoption and even in-vitro fertilization after surgical sterilization! I use my personal life experiences to dedicate myself to supporting families on their journey to parenthood because I believe that no one should have to experience birth or labor alone. 


It is paramount to me that my clients feel as welcome and as cared for as though they were members of my own family, in comparison to being a part of an uncaring system.

The most rewarding aspect of my ministry is the opportunity to witness a new life come forth into this world. This priceless moment allows me to develop a unique relationship with each family.

I am the doula that will pray with you, praise with you and push with you. I always pray for positive outcomes. 

Robin O. Walls, CD

Toy and Onesie

When she’s not assisting in childbirth or helping people in the community, Robin can be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm to feed the community! She spends most of her time with her family and she loves to travel to exotic locations!

Derron Thomas, IN


Robin is truly inspirational. Appointed Time Doula Services is her gift to the community. Her ministry is to provide a conducive environment for the arrival of every new bundle of joy. She serves as the liaison between the expecting family and their health care providers.

Dr. A. Annan, FAAFP, Dipl. ABOM, MI

This is her MINISTRY, this is her PURPOSE, this her CAUSE. She will make an EFFECT in her community.”

Apostle E. Newsome, IN

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