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"I did yoga with Mrs. Robin once a week and I LOVE IT.  She showed me pressure points on how to relieve tension naturally and prepare my body for birth. I have never been so relaxed the next morning I went into labor. Mrs. Robin is very professional and worked very well with hospital nurses. Hand down Appointed Time Doula Services is AMAZING."

J. Sheppard

"Five Star very helpful throughout my journey"

R. Andrews

"Mrs. Robin was a Super big help to my family and I.  She attended doctor's appointments. Once at the hospital Mrs. Robin never left my side, she kept my claim and center before d my ER cesarean. Her postpartum care was excellent; she went above and beyond."

D. Wilson

"Very Respectfully & helpful, Checked in often with the healthcare team to have closed loop communication ,Robin clearly made a positive difference in my patients care. The patient was calm, cool, and collected throughout the labor & delivery process."

Nurse Jessica

 Appointed Time Doula Service gave me and my partner the best birth experience, I met with Mrs. Robin and talked to her once a month after each doctor appointment and she took notes and reminded me before each appointment what question I had for my doctor. The last month of my pregnancy I saw Mrs. Robin once a week and she prepared me for labor. Her postpartum care was awesome. My child turns one this week and Mrs. Robin still calls and checks on us and sends helpful information. 

 T. Paul

"Techniques,suggested by Robin, were helpful to patients with handling emotional & physical aspects of labor/birth control. FIVE STAR service looking forward to working with Appointed Time Doula Services and Robin Walls again."

Dr. Foley

"Robin was an amazing support for this first time mama. Very impressed and inspired how involved she was, especially when showing her position . Such a pleasure to work with her. I could tell that the patient and Robin had connections, Robin was able to calm the patient down very fast."

Nurse Karrigon


Robin was very attentive to her client and very helpful to me. She was part of the team. Nurse Pulling RNC

Great Team player


Dr. Cavallo

 Robin is gifted, compassionate and wise. I would support her without reservations. She has redefined my experiences with Doulas. In a very positive manner.

 Dr. Abigail Annan,


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