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My Mission

What is a Doula?

As a birth doula, I accompany women in labor to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience.


As a postpartum doula, I offer evidence-based information and give emotional, physical, and educational support only. 

Doulas do not give medical advice or stand in for the medical caregivers. 

Pregnant Photography
Holding Newborn Baby

Our Goals

To fulfill the missing puzzle pieces of the birth & postpartum process, by working together with the client and their caregiver. We accomplish this goal by building a relationship with the caregiver, by going to appointments with expectant parents, reminding clients of the instructions given by their caregiver and answering any non-medical questions the client may have about motherhood and parenting.


As a Doula, we understand our boundaries as non-medical patient advocates and hence the need to work closely with the providers. We also support caregivers including nursing staff establishing the best relationship with our clients. Our collective objective is to assist, not obstruct.

We at Appointed Time Doula Services thrive for the experience of oneness

Mission Statement

Our Ministry is to provide individualized services for expectant mothers. We nurture women throughout pregnancy by providing spiritual, physical and emotional support. We teach women how to prepare for labor, regardless of your decision to use medication or non-medication pain relief. We share our knowledge to equip you with the skills to be in control of your body during the birthing process, whether by vaginal delivery or C-section. Our goal is to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

We create a tribe around new mothers in the post-partum period to cushion the transition into motherhood by sharing personal life experiences to smoothen out rough patches in this journey. We’re here to continue to deeply connect with our tribe of mothers to form a sisterhood. This miraculous rite of passage was made for women to serve women.

The kinship of a tribe of women has been present from ancient days and was in existence before, during, and after our births. We want to ensure that this new journey of childbirth is incredibly pleasant. Becoming a Mother goes beyond having a baby; it is also a miraculous accomplishment of both the will and of love.

Together we stand firm in the tribe called MOTHERHOOD so our CHILDREN WOULD BE ROOTED IN GOOD SOIL.

Image by Matej Rieciciar
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